Negative Space Exploration

from Bite A Lemon by Stephen Britt



I guess I’m just running through the motions again
Sometimes I feel like I’ve been placed under mind control
From somewhere I don’t know
This is only the beginning of the imminent end
That’s the way that it is
As the insides drip from the kaleidoscope lens into the sands of the hourglass
An hour has passed since I last
started over again

And have I been abducted by my alien friends
They come and take me again to a place where they laugh out loud and crowd around to point out the chemical imbalance up my head
I’m just devoid of all emotion again
I should probably rent an apartment by the pharmacy
Or better yet
I should just move in

I’m about to lose my senses
What good is touch if you can’t feel
Anything at all

Here I am relying on a potion again
To try to make some sense
Of what we’re doing here
It’s very unclear

(It's very unclear)


from Bite A Lemon, released September 25, 2020
all words and music by Stephen Britt

Stephen Britt: vocals, bass, keys, guitar
G.H.: guitar, backing vocals




Stephen Britt Asheville, North Carolina

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